[ Hinged Wardrobe Design]

Designed To Elevate Your Bed Room Interior Design

As we move forward, our fashion choices change, and so does our wardrobe. As our clothing collection grows, so does our need for an efficient and stylish storage solution. This is where a Hinged Wardrobe Design comes in.

A hinged wardrobe is a classic and timeless design that provides ample space for all your clothing and accessories while adding a touch of elegance to your room.

Why Hinged Wardrobe Bed Room Interior Design?

  • A hinged wardrobe is versatile and can fit snugly into corner walls, making it suitable for L-shaped corners.
  • Because all doors open simultaneously, Hinged Wardrobes offer improved visibility of the contents, allowing you to keep all doors open for quick and easy access.

What Are the Benefits of a Hinged Wardrobe?


Optimal storage space


Customisable design


Durability and longevity

Comparatively, Hinged Door Wardrobes have a maximum door width of 600mm, while sliding door wardrobes can accommodate a full door width of 1200mm, which implies that you would require twice as many doors in a hinged door wardrobe to match the storage capacity of a sliding door wardrobe.

Our hinges have adjustment screws facilitating the door’s lateral, vertical, or depth-wise realignment.

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Two hinges are typically required for lightweight cabinet doors, placed approximately five inches apart from the top and bottom edges. However, taller or heavier cabinet doors may necessitate a third hinge set centrally between the top and bottom hinges to provide extra support.